Vision & Mission


The school endeavors to provide an all-round Christian education, and nurture students' motive for seeking the truth so that they can find pleasure in life, realize their aspirations and eventually become citizens with worldwide visions.


To provide an ideal and happy learning environment through an all-round Christian education so that students can have balanced development in seven major learning areas: spiritual, intellectual, moral, social, physical and arts, exposure to Chinese culture and mastery of Information Technology skills. This helps them attain positive attitudes, values, knowledge and lifelong learning skills so as to glorify God and do good for the individual, family, society, country and the world.


1. Spiritual development
Nurture students spiritually by leading them to God and following the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

2. Moral education
Guide students to build self-esteem and pave their way towards a positive life. They will be able to realize themselves through a balanced development in cognitive, sentimental, and ideological aspects.

3. Intellectual development
Provide students with a diversified curriculum that will help develop their critical thinking skills, build a good learning attitude, and ignite their passion for meaning and truth.

4. Mastery of Information Technology skills
Prepare students to enter the world of information technology by equipping them with IT knowledge so as to facilitate learner autonomy and life-long learning.

5. Physical and arts education
Stretch students' potential in sports and arts; foster respect for and appreciation of arts.

6. Social awareness
Help students understand their responsibility as well as their rights as individuals in society and learn the skills for living gregariously, so as to raise their social awareness and be willing to contribute to society.

7. Chinese culture
Help students appreciate Chinese culture and traditional values in order to nurture a sense of belonging in them.