Admission to S.1

As a subsidized school, our school admits S.1 students through Discretionary Place Application and Central Allocation according to the EDB's Secondary School Place Allocation (SSPA) System.

Discretionary Place Application

Our school will be accepting applications for S.1 discretionary places for the school year 2024/25, from 2-16 January 2024. The application forms and guidelines can be obtained from the school office or downloaded here from Saturday, 9 December 2023 onwards.

Admission Interviews will be held on the morning of Saturday, 9 March 2024. All applicants will be given a chance to interview and will receive the notification by email no later than Friday, 23 February 2024. Please contact the school if you do not receive the notification.

Central Allocation

Parents can submit the application form to the EDB in early May through their children's primary schools. Students will be allocated according to their allocation band, parents' choices, and a random number assigned by the EDB. For details, please refer to the Information Leaflet published by the EDB.