Students' Union

The Student Union (SU) is a student-body that enjoys a high level of autonomy. The SU aims to unite student members, enhance their welfare, and arouse their civic responsibilities. 

The SU is committed to providing various services (e.g. printing, low-priced stationery, and umbrella lending services) and welfare to students on a daily basis. Furthermore, SU holds all kinds of whole-school co-curricular and celebratory activities, including the Christmas Talent Show, Singing Contest, Inter-class Basketball Competition, Joint-school Photography Competition, etc.

All these help provide students with a vibrant campus life and establish a harmonious atmosphere. As a communication bridge between students and the school, the SU actively collects and passes students' opinions to the school and vice versa, strengthening the students' sense of belonging and bonding with the school.

The SU is operated by an executive committee (cabinet) which consists of 12 students. In the annual election, every student has a vote to choose the cabinet they prefer. A proposed cabinet wins the election by obtaining more than half of the cast votes. 

Link to the website of the Student Union 2023-2024.