Christian Education

As an Anglican (HKSKH) school, SKH Chan Young Secondary School upholds the ethos of Christian whole-person education. The Christian spirit is embodied in educational philosophy, curriculum, teacher-student relations, worship, daily work, and co-curricular activities such as Christian Fellowship and Servers Guild.

There are regular morning assemblies which include prayers, hymn singing, Bible reading, sermons, sharing, and talks. Christian values are also cultivated in annual religious events such as the Term-opening Service, Religious Week, Christmas Service, Easter Service, End-of-term Service, etc. The School Chaplain, teachers, and students take part in spreading the gospel in various modes of presentation.

In addition, S.1 and S.2 students have Religious Lessons to learn more about the faith. In S.4 to S.6, students may choose Ethics and Religious Studies (ERS) as a HKDSE elective subject in order to enrich their understanding of Christianity, whereas all S3 students have ERS as a bridging subject to learn the life and teaching of Jesus Christ.