(Mr. & Mrs. Bert Chan Young)

Our school, Sheng Kung Hui Chan Young Secondary School, was founded in September 1989 with the aid of the benefactor, Mrs. Chan Cheng Kit Wan in commemoration of her late husband, Mr. Bert Chan Young.

Mr. Bert Chan Yong was born in Australia and a dedicated Christian of the Anglican Church in Australia.  He was a Chartered Certified Accountant and once held the position of Accountant at Shanghai General Motors Corporation.

Prior to the war, Mr. Chan frequently travelled around Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Myanmar, Kunming, etc. to operate the automobile and transportation business.  After the war, he acted as the agent of American automobiles and ran business in seven Chinese provinces.  In 1947, Mr. Chan returned to Hong Kong for a while before he opened a motor company in Tokyo, Japan with his American partner.  In 1953, he returned to Hong Kong and opened another motor company selling mainly AUSTIN motors.  In 1960s, Mr. Chan sold all his shares and retired.  He returned to Australia in 1967 and passed away in 1972 at the age of sixty-eight.

Mrs. Chan Cheng Kit Wan regularly travelled between Australia and Hong Kong.  She was a staunch supporter of community activities and a member of the Hong Kong Methodist Church and the Chinese Presbyterian Church in Sydney.  Mrs. Chan once served as the Honorary Life Chairman / Vice Chairman of Hong Kong West District Women’s Association, the Vice Chief Supervisor of Hong Kong Central District Women’s Association, the Honorary Life Director / Director of the Women’s Club of South China Athletic Association, the Advisor of The Endeavourers of HK Bert James Neighbourhood Elderly Centre, The School Manager of The Endeavourers Chan Cheng Kit Wan Kindergarten at Chai Wan, the Honorary Leader of Youth Club of Hongmen Chee Kung Tong Supreme Lodge (Chinese Freemasons) of Australia, Honorary Chairman of Chinese Welfare Advancement Association in Sydney, the Standing Director of Hong Kong Fan Hing Christian Association as well as the First Director of Chung Shak Hei (Cheung Chau) Home for the Aged .

Apart from her contributions to the society, Mrs. Chan Cheng Kit Wan sponsored the establishment of two schools in September of 1989.  The schools are “The Endeavourers Chan Cheng Kit Wan Kindergarten” and “Chan Young Secondary School” located at Chai Wan and Sheung Shui respectively.  In addition, “The Endeavourers of HK Bert James Neighbourhood Elderly Centre” has been set up with sponsorship from Mrs. Chan.  Her great enthusiasm and generosity to participate in charity activities and community programmes had obtained people’s respect and recognition.