Connecting the Dots between Languages, Interests and Careers


An exciting atmosphere filled the school hall as Ms. Jacky Lin Ting-ting, a trilingual reporter and news anchor, imparted her career journey from education to journalism to our Secondary 5 students during the Life-wide Learning lesson on 29 February 2024. 

Delving into the theme “Connecting the Dots - Clarity in a Complex World, One Story at a Time”, Ms. Lin shared her personal insights on journalism and indispensable skills essential for excelling in the field. As a polyglot, she also provided useful tips for language learning, including multiple ways to explore English beyond the confines of traditional classrooms. The students were captivated by the opportunity to interact with the award-winning journalist in person, posing numerous questions related to their studies and future careers during the Q & A session. 

Ms. Lin's intriguing stories and great passion left an indelible impression on both our students and teachers. We express our heartfelt appreciation to her for her time, wisdom, and dedication to igniting the young minds.