Since 2000, with implementation of school-based management at public schools, the Education Bureau not only endeavors to promote core parties of schools to participate in the schools' management as well as formulation and decision of schools' policies, but also establish the Incorporated Management Committee (IMC), through engagement of key parties such as teachers and parents in the IMC, to foster an open, transparent and joint participation school management structure. The IMC of our school was established on 31 August, 2015.

Registered IMC Managers (2020-2021)
Sponsoring Body ManagerĄG
Mr. CHOW Siu Lui (Supervisor)
Mr. TANG Hing Lin
Ms. CHAN King
  Ms. WONG Lai Ha
  Mr. LO Chi Alvin
  Ms. WONG Terese
  Mr. KONG Wai On
Alternate Sponsoring Body ManagerĄG Mr. YEUNG Wai Keung Gary
Parent ManagerĄG To be confirmed
Alternate Parent ManagerĄG To be confirmed
Teacher ManagerĄG
Mr. CHEUNG Sai Pang
Alternate Teacher ManagerĄG
Mr. MAN Lin Tak
Alumni ManagerĄG Mr. POON Pak Lun Alan
Independent ManagerĄG Mr. CHAN Hoi Henry