Congratulations to our students who achieved excellent results in the 2020 HKDSE: CHEUNG WAI YAN attained 5**x2, 5*x4; LAU MAN HEI attained 5**x1, 5*x2, 5x2, 4x1; LEUNG JO LAM attained 5*x4, 5x1, 4x1; CHING CHI YIN attained 5*x3, 5x2, 4x1; LEE TSZ HO attained 5*x3, 5x2, 4x1; YIP YUK YING attained 5**x1, 5*x1, 5x1, 4x3; LEE CHUN FAI attained 5*x2, 5x2, 4x2; SO HIU YAN attained 5*x1, 5x4, 4x1; CHAN KA WAI attained 5*x1, 5x2, 4x3; TSANG CHUNG MING attained 5*x1, 4x5; WONG HIN CHI attained 5x3, 4x3;
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Publish DateTitleCategory
2020-08-032020-2021 年度新學年注意事項(新/舊生適用)General
2020-07-312019-20 Parents' Notice on Enrichment Course (S.4)General
2020-07-312019-20 Parents' Notice on Enrichment Course (S.5)General
2020-07-31Newsletter 2020 JULNewsletter
2020-07-312019-2020 全年名次、學科獎及獎學金名單General
2020-07-172019-20 S.5 Post-exam Make-up Class NoticeGeneral
2020-07-172019-20 S.4 Post-exam Make-up Class NoticeGeneral
2020-07-152019-20 Exam Paper Checking Timetables (S.4 to S.5)(17/7-21/7)General
2020-07-152019-20 Exam Paper Checking Timetables (S.1 to S.3)(16/7-20/7)General
2020-06-302019-20 Notice on S.1- S.2 Final Exam and Promotion Special ArrangementGeneral
2020-06-222019-20 S.1 to S.5 Exam TimetableGeneral
2020-05-23School Notice (revised on 23/05/2020)General
2020-05-09School Notice (revised on 09/05/2020)General
2020-05-09School Calendar (03/2020-08/2020)General
2020-05-092019 Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Declaration form for travel history and health status of studentsGeneral
2020-04-27Newsletter 2020 APRNewsletter
2020-04-21Notice on 30th Speech Day for S.6 GraduatesGeneral
2020-04-03School Notice (revised on 03/04/2020)General
2020-03-13School Notice (revised on 13/03/2020)General
2020-02-15Notice of S.1 Discretionary Place : Cancellation of Interview and Revised Admission CriteriaGeneral
2020-01-172019-20 Notice on Chinese New Year and Special ArrangementGeneral
2020-01-172019-20 Parents' Notice on S.4-S.6 Chinese New Year Make-up ClassesGeneral
2020-01-142019-20 Parents' Notice on "Spring Lantern Festival Barbeque Night"General
2020-01-10Education Bureau "Student Grant" - Notes on How to Complete Application FormGeneral
2020-01-072019-20 PTA Parents' NoticeGeneral
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